Why LabForRent?

By the merger with LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. it is possible for LabForRent to offer a one-stop shop. In addition to the activities of LabForRent, we can now take care of the purchase and sale of laboratory furniture and equipment, fume hoods, laminar airflow cabinets and cleanrooms. We can also arrange maintenance for this. All this in the context of the circular economy.

Both to the tenant who needs a space, but does not yet have his own equipment, as well as the landlord, who can now offer a ready-made menu to the tenant by entering into a contract with LabMakelaar for the purchase, rental and sale of equipment.

As known, we as LabForRent are a platform to match companies with vacant laboratories, cleanrooms and/or factory facilities with start-ups and growing companies. The rental party usually consists of science parks, knowledge institutions and companies.

In the last couple of months we have been visiting different locations within the Netherlands that offer available spaces. This to add value to our services. In addition to mediation between tenant / landlord and sharing lab space, we want to focus on collaboration and bundling innovative strength. Therefor we want to see the different locations to get a feeling of what is possible within the different locations and be able to give a more dedicated advice on the spaces that can be rent/bought.

Not everyone has an established network for finding the right laboratory space. This applies to start-ups and foreign companies in particular. To solve this problem, LabForRent clearly displays which laboratories are available for rental. By letting out your vacant laboratory, you gain not only money but also the opportunity to form new business contacts and collaborate and combine your innovative forces.

If you are on the lookout for a lab, you can find one on www.LabForRent.nl, but if you have more specific needs you can also ask for a dedicated search and advice. We will help you find your perfect lab.



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