Rent out your labs?

Rent out your labs? Present the labs on LabForRent. A great choice!

LabForRent makes targeted promotion and reaches companies with growth ambitions in Life Sciences, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Health, Agro & Food, Materials, Energy and Space. In the Netherlands and abroad.

We provide online visibility. We are strongly focused on hightech facilities. Our website ranks high on search engines. We receive many and very diverse requests from companies in search of lab space, cleanroom, pilot plant or test facility in the Netherlands or Flanders. Both start-ups, scale-ups and mature enterprises. Some parties are not just looking for space, but above all for partnerships for joint R&D.

You can benefit from our services in 3 ways:

all benefits listed and prices

For a one-off payment of 95 euros we prepare your full presentation to perfection.

Searchers arrange their lab space via LabForRent free of charge.

How it works

Is it a single room, several rooms, an entire building? Are you looking for tenants or partnerships?  Does it concern hightech?

This is made easy by an online form with tips and instructions.

We edit your text and formulate your UPSs sharply. The goal is an attractive presentation that gives a clear picture to searchers of what is offered.

In case you choose preffered + listing: your logo is put on the homepage. And we can bring your presentation to the attention of our more than 2500 subscribers in the next newsletter.

In addition, if we receive requests from searchers and think you have a suitable offer, we will contact you. The negotiations are up to you.


Can I deliver the text for the presentation in Dutch?
Yes, you can. If you are satisfied with the presentation we have prepared, it will be translated (at your expense) into English.

What is the notice period?
One month. However there is a minimum period of 3 months.



+31 (0) 343 76 90 77

CoC number: 65378407



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