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Planet – Biotech Campus Delft

Planet is a unique scale-up ecosystem focused on industrial biotechnology. Their open innovation campus, centrally located in the Netherlands, welcomes start-ups, SMEs, tech- and service providers, corporates and knowledge institutes to further develop innovative biotech solutions, collaborate and grow together.

Planet is a non-profit organisation that contributes to the transition of today’s fossil-based, linear economy to tomorrow’s bio-based, circular economy, by promoting Industrial Biotechnology. They do so by sharing the incredible amount of biotech knowledge and infrastructure available on the Biotech Campus Delft, where they are located. They actively invest in creating a hub in Delft, the Netherlands, where relevant knowledge and networks are shared, and where you will find a professional workspace that inspires you and enables your business to grow.

They understand that your business is one of the most important things in your life. They also understand that creating a new or innovative business in biotech is not easy. It is their mission to support you to make your business dreams come true. As a tenant of Planet, you do not just rent a lab or an office. They enable you to develop and valorize your biotech innovation and bring it up to scale, providing an ecosystem with access to lab space, pilot facilities, space for industrial production, environmental permits, mentoring opportunities and expertise. You will get access to the ecosystem of industrial biotech knowledge and tools that they are continuously building on. Like us, they connect you to the right people and services!

Planet believes in the circular economy, and therefore has renovated a DSM building from the 1980’s instead of demolishing it. In addition to the common area on the ground floor, with the restaurant, gym and meeting rooms, the renovated building offers 3 floors of 1000 square meters each of offices and labs for rent. Every floor contains a social area with free hot and cold drinks.

The offices come renovated, painted, with carpets on the floor. Most offices come at 26 and 52 m2. They can offer good quality second hand furniture for free as long as we have it in stock.

There are ML1 and ML2 labs, most of them are also 26 or 52 m2. There is one smaller lab (13 m2) and two larger labs (~70 m2). All labs come equipped with a bench and basic lab furniture. Large labs have a fume hood and air conditioning. Because they believe in the circular economy, they can help you find good quality second hand lab equipment. They can also support you to occasionally use equipment of others.

Common equipment like an autoclave, an ice machine, and availability of demi-water is provided by Planet

For 150 years, DSM in Delft (previously Gist Brocades and Nederlandsche Gist en Spiritus Fabriek) has been a front runner in biotechnological innovations with global impact. In 2018, the board of DSM gave its commitment to open up its site in Delft for third parties active in biotechnology, and to share its knowledge and infrastructure to create an open innovation campus. Since 2020, Planet is an independent foundation with 5 partners; DSM, the Technical University of Delft, the municipality of Delft, the province of South Holland, and InnovationQuarter. All partners support Planet both financially and with expertise to allow the foundation to create a unique scale-up hub for the companies that join the campus.

Building on the rich campus history, biotech expertise is largely available at Biotech Campus Delft, that means you can reach out to the Planet team if you are seeking technical advice in:

  • Screening and strain development
  • Bioprocess development (including scaling-up/down, modelling and process design)
  • Biochemistry, enzymology and microbiology
  • Food safety and regulations
  • Food application

On top of connecting you to the right expertise, possibilities for the following activities can be explored:

  • Analysis of samples (routine and advanced analysis)
  • Outsourcing biotech Research & Development work (to the DSM Biotechnology Centre)
  • Use of pilot manufacturing facilities (at the Bioprocess Pilot Facility, BPF)
  • Use of the food production facilities and sensory panels (at the Food Innovation Centre)
  • Building your own demo/pilot or industrial facilities on site
  • Accessing start-up validation, acceleration or mentoring programs (via YES!Delft)

Planet is situated in the middle of the Biotech Campus Delft. This industrial area of 40 hectares is covered by one environmental umbrella permit, allowing all factories on the campus to produce safely.

Planet, a unique scale-up ecosystem focused on industrial biotechnology, is located in the Beijerinck Center on the Biotech Campus Delft. They support the whole innovation cycle, from research to pilot, to production.

Over 1200 people work on site developing, scaling up and commercializing bio-based innovations. Here, they work closely with partners, drawing on the global skills and knowledge concentrated in this world-leading center of expertise. Together, they are fostering open innovation in the emerging biotech field, while delivering the resources and competences stakeholders, governments and startups need to innovate and grow.

Planet focuses on growing companies. If your company requires business support in any of the below areas, they can direct you to organisations Planet has contact with:

  • Legal support
  • HR support
  • Facilities support
  • Financial support
  • Funding support
  • PR & Communications
  • Patent strategy and application

Finally, they can always connect you to people or expertise available at one of their five founding partners; DSM, the Delft University of Technology, the municipality of Delft, the province of South Holland, and InnovationQuarter.

Planet is located at Biotech Campus Delft. The site is centrally located and easily accessible by both car and public transport.

The nearest airports are Rotterdam airport (13 km, 15 min. by car) and Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport (45 km, 45 min. by car).

The site is 2 km away from Delft train station and easy to reach by bus. Planet is easy to reach from the highways A4, A12 and A13. There is ample free parking space at the Biotech Campus Delft.

Offered Spaces:
  • Analysis Laboratory
  • Laboratory
  • Pilot plant
  • Test Facility

  • Available for joint R&D
  • Long-term rent

Type of lab:
  • Biotech | Life Sciences

Additional services:
  • Analytical support
  • Business support (development, strategy, finance, risk)
  • Call answering service
  • Equipment
  • High quality equipment
  • Intellectual property & legal support
  • Knowhow
  • Lab services (autoclaving, rinsing, cryobench)
  • Parking space
  • Reception desk services
  • Restaurant
  • Security services
  • Services of a laboratory technician
  • Support for permit applications, grants, biosafety
  • Wifi / network

Nearest Dutch airport:
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Distance to nearest Dutch airport:
  • 10 to 25 km

Distance to amsterdam airport schiphol:
  • 25 to 50 km


+31(0)180 321 820 (choose 3)

CoC number: 243.67.090
BTW: NL8135.44.907.B01



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