‘DOVA’, Kranenburg Business Park

Laboratory and Offices

Are you looking for renting laboratory space and offices in Groningen, but want it to be easily accessible, then this is the place to be.
With its imposing glass dome, this building is a real eye-catcher. It is also known as ‘DOVA’: the glass box with the oval.
The ‘DOVA’ is located in the Kranenburg business park on the west side of Groningen at a high-profile location along the A7 (Groningen – Heerenveen) near access and exit roads.

The materials used are robust and powerful: concrete, steel and glass. The architectural style is the unique ’technology in focus’: building elements have been kept visible everywhere – inside and outside. The result is an elementary, spatial structure.

The building is also a feast for the eyes on the inside. Besides the ’technology in pictures’ style, the first three floors contain laboratories and open-plan offices. There is a communal entrance. In the glass dome itself, you will find an oxygen-rich office garden and meeting rooms, as well as breath-taking views.

Within the “DOVA” the entire 1st floor, totalling 608m2, lettable floor area (l.f.a.), is offered for lease. The space has an open office section and various separate work/meeting areas totalling 299 m2 l.f.a..

The lab area totalling 308 m2 consists of 7 enclosed spaces varying in size including a clean room (32 m2) , freezer room (20 m2), rinse kitchen (10 m2) and lab areas (88 m2 / 35 m2 / 10 m2 / 10 m2 ). Within the laboratory spaces the option for CO2 is available. The rooms are empty and can be redesigned with laboratory furniture.

The leased space consists of 299m2 of office space with large open plan office garden, 3 large office/meeting rooms including 2 in the glass dome, 4 smaller enclosed office spaces and an archive room.

In addition, the space has its own pantry and toilet unit m/w.

Furthermore the leased property will be delivered in its current state, including air conditioning with top cooling, central heating system with radiators with thermostatic valves, alarm system, fire alarm system, cable ducts for electricity, data and telephone, where provided with electricity and WCDs, partition walls and a passenger lift.

Business park Kranenburg is located on the A7 towards Drachten. This business park mainly houses entrepreneurs working in information technology and biotechnology, including Polyganics, Baker Till and Thermo Fisher.

The building houses the following tenants: IQ Products, Adverio and Bio Clear.

Maintenance and periodic inspection of the general installations, including sun blinds, the lift, bell, burglar and heating installation(s), etc. and of the lighting of the general areas.

Periodic inspection of fire extinguishers as far as the common areas are concerned.

The Kranenburg Business Park is The object is located on the west side of Groningen at a high-profile location along the A7 (Groningen – Heerenveen) near access and exit roads. The park is easy to reach by car. There are 41 parking spots free of charge.

You can also reach the site in no time by public transport. The train station is only 3 kilometres away and the bus stop is approximately 850 meters from the building.

Offered Spaces:
  • Analysis Laboratory
  • Cleanroom
  • Laboratory
  • Offices

  • Available for joint R&D
  • Flexible rent
  • Long-term rent

Type of lab:
  • Analytical
  • Biotech | Life Sciences
  • Chemical

Additional spaces:
  • Frozen storage
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office spaces
  • Other

Additional services:
  • Parking space
  • Security services
  • Wifi / network

Nearest Dutch airport:
  • Groningen Airport Eelde

Distance to nearest Dutch airport:
  • 10 to 25 km

Distance to amsterdam airport schiphol:
  • 150 to 200 km


+31(0)180 321 820 (choose 3)

CoC number: 243.67.090
BTW: NL8135.44.907.B01



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