How to be agile in this time of Covid-19 crisis?

How to be agile in this time of Covid-19 crisis, be creative and also know how to acquire new customers?

On March 16 the RIVM guidelines came: “Work from home as much as possible”.

The first week suddenly everything stopped. The planned visits to view different locations and to meet the managers suddenly were cancelled. Instead, calls come in from people looking for lab space for research on Covid-19. Placing the various start-ups is of course more difficult in these first weeks, because all companies are faced with the fact that they have to work from home and the labs have come to a complete standstill. In addition, ML-3 labs are required and the UMCs where these labs are present already have their hands full with all patients. But my compliments to the various organizations how we have been able to use our various networks together to ensure that the start-ups have found their place for their research.

In the weeks that followed, planned meetings were converted from live into online meetings. A challenge and a fun experience. On the one hand the challenge of getting your message across via a screen and on the other hand a good experience to see that others are also struggling with having online meetings from home, without a child suddenly walking through the image. The atmosphere in the meetings is casual.

In addition, there is now suddenly time to reflect. I have been working as an account manager for LabForRent for a few months now and of course I used these first months to read in, get the best contacts and grow in the position. Now after 4 months I have an idea of ​​what works, what works less and all ideas bubble up based on the various visits and conversations at companies and locations. Moreover, I see what the start-ups and grown-ups need in addition to finding the right location. There are also opportunities to further expand the synergy within LabMakelaar Benelux B.V. with our services.

So it’s time to put these ideas into practice, put them on paper and discuss them. And this sparring also goes online via hangout. You text your colleague if he has some time and fifteen minutes later you are exchanging ideas with each other. Because even if you are not close to each other, that should not be an obstacle to discussing.

The ideas for expanding our services are becoming increasingly concrete. As soon as this is completely done, I will certainly report on this. One thing is certain: under LabMakelaar’s banner, we want to deliver a total package with LabForRent to start-ups and grown-ups. A one-stop-shop where you can find all you need to start your own business, lab space, clean rooms, apparatus, furniture and consumables. Just say your own PA / VA with expert knowledge for arranging all your laboratory matters.

And if you are brainstorming like this and the ideas are becoming more and more concrete, that will provide an extra energy boost to get to work in these somewhat surrealistic weeks and to implement the new method. Visits of laboratories with customers and acquaintances with new locations go online, contract proposals are sent by email and a joke just goes by WhatsApp. The only thing we miss now is the Friday afternoon drink.

Feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts and how your lab is anticipating in this situation.



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