Europe’s foremost biopharmaceutical campus 

The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek building (RE)

Pivot Park is the hub for companies and knowledge institutes in the biopharma industry. Over 1,000 people work at the campus at 60 start-ups, scale-ups and established companies specialising in transformational drug discoveries.

Pivot Park offers sustainable real estate, facilities and services, gateways to knowledge, access to entrepreneurial expertise and a dynamic community. Pivot Park in Oss has everything that is required to develop Europe’s foremost biopharmaceutical campus for a community that will together improve global health.

The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek building (RE) is a facility boasting dedicated chemistry laboratories, complemented by a cellular office layout. Within its walls, the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek building accommodates state-of-the-art laboratories tailored for biochemical and pharmaceutical companies. The laboratories are adaptable to your own needs and equipped with essentials such as demineralized water, compressed air, nitrogen gas, vacuum, CO2, and liquid nitrogen.

Furthermore, the building offers an array of specialised lab services, including centralised cell line storage, a cryobank for personalised cell line preservation, autoclaving and rinsing facilities, hydrogenation lab access, and a dedicated quarantine lab. With these resources at hand, RE fosters an environment conducive to groundbreaking scientific exploration and discovery.

  • State-of-the-art laboratories and turnkey office spaces
    Pivot Park tenants can choose from a well-utilized shell building that can be furnished according to their wishes, turnkey offices and labs that are ready to start using within minutes of moving in. At Pivot Park you can be completely unburdened in terms of facilities from desks and chairs to a high-speed LAN, excellent WiFi, conferencing facilities, fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, cell-incubators, etc.
  • Open access laboratories with shared equipment
    Pivot Park’s Open Access Lab is a facility with advanced analytical and imaging equipment available for hire on an ad hoc basis. Experts are available for training, to offer advice and for troubleshooting. The Open Access Laboratories provide drug discovery services for assay development and hit-2-lead testing to find novel leads for drug development.
  • Platform technologies
    A number of companies at Pivot Park offer their technology breakthroughs as platforms that can be used to develop multiple treatments based on a single technology.
  • Ultra-High-Throughput Screening center
    The Pivot Park Screening Centre offers ultra-High-Throughput Screening (uHTS) and lab automation services to accelerate drug discovery programs. The system comprises three robot pods connected by a conveyor belt system. It further includes an online compound store with a capacity for 2.5 million samples, ECHO acoustic dispensers for contact-free dispensing and a wide range of instruments to perform fully automated biochemical and cellular assays in 1536 or 384 well format.

Pivot Park is the ideal location for innovators in the pharmaceutical sector. Pivot Park helps entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions by providing cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure, and by creating and stimulating mutual learning and knowledge exchange. In the Pivot Park community, you will find companies that can help with obtaining patents, protecting IP, setting up the data infrastructure, finding staff, funding advisors, etc. You will also find a lot of highly specialized equipment specifically focused on developing medicines.

The Pivot Park ecosystem helps ambitious entrepreneurs mitigate risks inherent in drug discovery and R&D. Pivot Park also can give them the support they need to accelerate their growth. By connecting organisations, Pivot Park accelerates the development of pharmaceutical innovation to the benefit of the companies and people who work here.

Pivot Park offers business support (access to grants, private investments and venture capital o.a.)

Foreign companies can expect help from the Holland Expat Center South in order to find their way in terms of housing, culture, tax regulations, leisure activities, (career)training and others for their employees.

The division of BOM Foreign Investment can support foreign companies via e.g. advice on how to set up a company structure, tax-related and income-related matters, and many more. Pivot Park provides quick access to these entities.

Pivot Park is located in the heart of the city of Oss. Oss is perfectly accessible by car and public transport and the different international airports in its surroundings.

Offered Spaces:
  • Analysis Laboratory
  • Laboratory
  • Pilot plant
  • Test Facility

  • Available for joint R&D
  • Flexible rent
  • Long-term rent

Type of lab:
  • Analytical
  • Biotech | Life Sciences
  • Chemical

Additional spaces:
  • Chemical storage
  • Cold storage
  • Frozen storage
  • Holding rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office spaces

Additional services:
  • Analytical support
  • Business support (development, strategy, finance, risk)
  • Equipment
  • High quality equipment
  • Intellectual property & legal support
  • Knowhow
  • Lab services (autoclaving, rinsing, cryobench)
  • Parking space
  • Restaurant
  • Security services
  • Services of a laboratory technician
  • Support for permit applications, grants, biosafety
  • Wifi / network

Nearest Dutch airport:
  • Eindhoven Airport

Distance to nearest Dutch airport:
  • 25 to 50 km

Distance to amsterdam airport schiphol:
  • 100 to 125 km


+31(0)180 321 820 (choose 3)

CoC number: 243.67.090
BTW: NL8135.44.907.B01



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