Shared lab facility for protein research

Praktijkcentrum voor Eiwit onderzoek (PEO), Groenlo

The Practical Centre for Protein Research (PEO) is an open innovation centre for proteins of natural origin. With the shared lab facility, PEO offers companies that want to innovate with proteins of natural origin the possibility to conduct practice-oriented research in order to arrive at new and better extracts, ingredients, foodstuffs, animal feed or non-food products.

Companies in the sectors Food, Agro, Biobased, Feed and Fine Chemicals, as well as start-ups, scale-up’s and large companies make use of the facility.

The lab offers:

  • A shared test room / lab facility (250 m2)
  • Facilities for routine analysis and quality control (with laboratory technician if required

The basic equipment consists of Rotavapor, centrifuges, spectrophotometer, Kjeldahl protein determination, drying oven, HPLC, membrane setup + pumps, refrigerators / freezers, fume cupboards, lab tables, explosion proof storage cabinet and the necessary warehouse configurations and small equipment.
There is also a muffle furnace, incubator and autoclave.
If required by the participants, there is room to place specific equipment.

The rates can be found in the pdf on this page.

The PEO is more than a lab facility for protein research. It is – as an innovative hub – part of the total protein chain East Netherlands. Together with the programme lines ‘Minerals from manure’ and ‘Energy from biomass and sun’, PEO is part of the Biobased Innovation Center (‘BIC’) in the ‘Achterhoek’ [East Netherlands]. For more information see ‘BIC Achterhoek’.

BIC is a network of knowledge institutions, governmental and societal institutions to help companies in obtaining the raw materials and related know-how, building the installations and selling the end products.

Users of the lab facility share the expertise of PEO in the field of proteins of natural origin and its extensive network in the region.

After Eindhoven, the Achterhoek is the most innovative manufacturing region in the Netherlands. It is located in the close vicinity of the University of Twente. It is home to many food companies and is an outstanding agro region. Almost 80% of the territory is agricultural, with great potential for the cultivation of protein-rich crops. PEO maintains connections with more than 350 agricultural companies. The world’s first bio-refinery factory is being built at Laarberg, near PEO’s lab facility.

When a company can switch to a demo or full scale factory, it can do so at the Regional Business Park Laarberg. For example at the bio-based transition park. Companies up to and including environmental class 5.1 are very welcome.

BIC Achterhoek offers attractive leasehold constructions to reduce start-up costs and help in obtaining the right type of funding.

The PEO is located on the ‘Regionaal Bedrijvenpark Laarberg’ near Groenlo []. With its own driveway to the N18, at a 20 minute drive from Germany.

Offered Spaces:
  • Laboratory

  • Flexible rent
  • Available for joint R&D

Type of lab:
  • Biotech | Life Sciences

Additional spaces:
  • Office spaces
  • Meeting rooms
  • Cold storage
  • Frozen storage
  • Chemical storage

Nearest Dutch airport:
  • Lelystad airport

Distance to nearest Dutch airport:
  • 76 to 100 km

Distance to amsterdam airport schiphol:
  • 151 to 225 km


+31 (0) 343 76 90 77

CoC number: 65378407



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