Optomechatronic Lab for aerospace

TNO Space & Systems Engineering, Campus Delft University of Technology

TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research) is a contract research organisation carrying out research in order to support innovation across various sectors and domains.

Its expertise group Space & Systems Engineering (TNO SSE) supports enterprises, research institutes and authorities by developing and supplying optomechatronic instruments and systems for aerospace, ground-based astronomy and scientific research.

External parties can make use of the facilities of TNO SSE: The equipment of Instrument Manufacturing through the intermediary of TNO-technicians.

The Instrument Manufacturing (IM) group within the department Space System Engineering (SSE) translates the customer’s technical requirements into accurate instruments and working environments. IM also advices on manufacturability, process from initial concept to execution and on anticipated product costs.

IM offers expertise:

  • CNC turning and (high speed) milling (in combination with CAD-CAM)
  • Conventional turning and milling
  • Experimental production and prototyping
  • Precision adhesives
  • Cleaning (up to Grade 1+)
  • Measurement, integration and validation (also in cleanrooms)

The following equipment is for rent (through an experienced TNO operator):

  • 5-axis CNC milling machine: Fehlmann P90-M
  • 5-axis CNC milling machine: Fehlmann P75-M
  • 3-axis Fehlmann Picomax P54 milling machine, 2 pieces with NC distributor
  • CMM Zeiss Prismo Ultra measuring machine in clean room environment. Measurement accuracy of 0,5 μm + L/500. Measuring volume 900mm x 1300mm x 650mm (X, Y, Z).
  • CNC turning machine Schaublin 125-CCN
  • CNC turning machine Schaublin 180-CCN
  • Conventional Schaublin 125 turning machines, 2 pieces
  • Conventional Schaublin 150 turning machine
  • Conventional Deckel FP3 milling machine
  • Conventional Deckel FP1 milling machines, 2 pieces
  • Various column drills
  • Various tapping machines
  • Various sawing machines
  • Various sheet metal working machines (cutting and setting)
  • Various welding equipment
  • Glass pearl blasting machines, 2 pieces

Additional services include:

  • Use of test setups (for maker and user)
  • Rapid prototyping (mechanical and optomechatronic)
  • Development of end products (simple & complex, in small or larger runs).

TNO Space and Systems is located on the Campus of Delft University of Technology. Each day some 27,000 people are accommodated on the Campus: students, scientists, visitors and staff from the university and companies located on the Campus. With an area of over 161 hectares, the Campus is one of the largest university campuses in the world.

The site is situated 3 km from the A13 motorway. There are several large car parking lots on the campus. These are indicated on the campus signposts.

The site is 2 km away from Delft train station and from Delft South train station. Easy to reach by bus.

Offered Spaces:
  • Cleanroom
  • Laboratory

  • Available for joint R&D
  • Flexible rent

Type of lab:
  • ME | MEMS
  • Nanotechnology
  • Other

Cleanroom classification:
  • ISO Class 7 (FED STD: 10.000)

Nearest Dutch airport:
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Distance to nearest Dutch airport:
  • 0 to 10 km

Distance to amsterdam airport schiphol:
  • 25 to 50 km


+31(0)180 321 820 (choose 3)

CoC number: 243.67.090
BTW: NL8135.44.907.B01



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