Laboratory facilities on Spijkerserve, Nijeveen

Laboratory building of approx. 268m2, located in Nijeveen

Are you looking for laboratory space to rent in the north of the Netherlands, then you’ve come to the right place!

A well-maintained business property of approx. 268 m² on more than 1100 m2 territory is located at an excellent visible location near the access road from the A32 motorway to the centre of Meppel, on Spijkerserve business park. The entire facility includes 122 m² of laboratories, 47 m² of office space and 23 m² of storage space and is equipped with an alarm system. There are free parking spaces on the premisses.

Nijeveen is an enterprising village. Many local entrepreneurs live and work in the Spijkerserve business park. Various sectors are represented here.

There are 2 laboratory spaces of approx. 61 m² each. The laboratories are connected to each other by means of a transit sluice of 5,6 m². Next to the second lab there are to storage rooms of 8,7 m² and 14,1 m². The biggest room has a door to the outside, so this room can be used as sample collection room.

In general, the laboratory spaces have lab tables with different connections, storage cabinets, emergency and eye showers, fire extinguishers and a sink with a tap. Fume cupboards and/or dishwasher and/or cupboards for hazardous substances are available. There are 2 fume hoods on working level and one with the table at 40cm from the ground.

Power supply available.

The fume cupboards must be inspected again. There are several connections at the lab tables, but all of these must be reconnected, as long as there is interest in them.

Besides the laboratories there are 2 storage rooms, 3 offices, a canteen and a reception desk. The toilet facilities are near the entrance. There is also a container behind the building, with an extra office space of 12 m², chemical storage space, cooling and freezing storage.  The building is equipped with an alarm system

All offices offer Wi-Fi.

The facilities are located on the Spijkerserve business park. Many local entrepreneurs live and work in the Spijkerserve business park. Various sectors are represented here. You will find, for example, a construction company, an agricultural mechanisation company, but also  the petrol station.

The facilities are located in Nijeveen. Nijeveen lies in the outskirts of Meppel. The business park is easily accessible by car (A32 – N375), as by public transport (train / bus). From the bus station it’s a 10 minutes’ walk to the building.

There is ample (free) parking space on the premisses.

Offered Spaces:
  • Laboratory

  • Available for joint R&D
  • Flexible rent
  • Long-term rent

Type of lab:
  • Analytical
  • Chemical
  • Other

Additional spaces:
  • Chemical storage
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office spaces
  • Other

Nearest Dutch airport:
  • Groningen Airport Eelde

Distance to nearest Dutch airport:
  • 50 to 75 km

Distance to amsterdam airport schiphol:
  • 125 to 150 km


+31(0)180 321 820 (choose 3)

CoC number: 243.67.090
BTW: NL8135.44.907.B01



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